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  • Real Time Analytics
  • Multi Platform Support
  • Robust Security
  • Health Management Features
  • Remote Monitoring
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Sortly helps medical clinics, offices, and hospitals track medical supplies and assets—from any device, in any location. Organize, customize, track, update, and manage your medical inventory in one easy app. Key Features: - Use from any device, any location - Mobile barcode & QR scanning - Barcode label generation - Low stock alerts & reports - Custom folders, fields & tags - Activity reports - Customizable user access - Offline access

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  • It also allows team members the ability to see what we have on and at a moments notice. This has been a great fit for our company.
  • I like how it is user friendly, and an excellent organizational tool. I love that I can customize it to my organization.
  • One downside to using this software is that it took me a couple of hours to learn how to use all of its features.
  • Items seem to disappear or move from account to account. This could possible be caused by updates but none the less makes things difficult.


For real estate investors and property managers, handling finances and accounts takes a lot of time to complete, and there is always a chance for errors. Many continue to use spreadsheet solutions and manual processes to handle vital tasks such as income and expense tracking, financing reports, and insights on property cash flows.

Additionally, these processes sometimes result in inefficiency, costly faults, and restricted financial information.

One of the downsides of this over-reliance on spreadsheets and manual calculations is the tremendous time wasted and high risk involved. Input expense receipts, reconciling the monthly bank statements, and creating monthly reports in Excel will require days for more extensive portfolios.

Automation and Integration with Property Management Accounting Software

Specialized property management and accounting software aims to solve these challenges through automated tracking, consolidated reporting, and seamless integrations. Leading solutions sync with bank accounts and bill pay platforms to import income and expenses automatically rather than rely on manual entry. This streamlines reconciliations to just minutes rather than hours.

Native integrations between accounting, bank feeds, and bill payment enable these automation benefits. Syncing these systems eliminates duplicate data entry and reduces reconciliations to exception handling. Industry surveys indicate that property managers save approximately 8-10 hours monthly after implementing integrated property management and accounting software.

Improved Financial Oversight and Decision Making

In addition to automation, property management accounting software delivers better access to real-time financial insights. Managers can view consolidated reports and dashboards that roll up high-level property financials, including profit and loss, budgets vs. actuals, and cash flow. Drilling down into individual properties, units, and transactions is also simplified for tracking performance.

This real-time visibility enables proactive management rather than reactive fire drills. Potential issues can be identified early based on budget deviations, unusual expense spikes, or cash flow health metrics changes. Managers can drill into details to diagnose and address problems before they spiral.

Having unified visibility across the portfolio also empowers better decision-making. Investors can easily track performance trends to optimize capital allocation between properties. Managers can leverage consolidated data to negotiate better rates with vendors. Maintenance and renovations can be strategically timed to manage cash flow.

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