Unvaccinated Kids Are Now Banned From Schools In Italy

Following months of fiery debate – and measles outbreaks – a new law banning unvaccinated children from Italy’s classrooms has come into effect. Under the “Lorenzin law,” parents had until March 10, 2019, to provide documentation showing their child had been inoculated with a number of vaccinations, as reported by RAI News,[Read More…]

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Herbalist Who Told Diabetic Boy To Use Lavender Oil Instead Of Insulin Is Jailed For His Death

A herbalist who told a 13-year-old diabetic boy’s family to rub lavender oil into his spine instead of using insulin has been jailed in California after the boy died from complications relating to type-1 diabetes. Timothy Morrow, 84, was sentenced on Monday for practicing medicine without a license, as well[Read More…]

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Learn to Love and Accept Yourself

Source: Flickr How many people can actually say that they love and accept themselves just as they are? Learning to love yourself is quite possibly one of the hardest things to accomplish in your life. And that is when there is nothing wrong with you. Imagine having an eating disorder. It[Read More…]

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