TAPSOLUTE DISASTER Venezuela’s water turns BLACK with horrified residents waking up to find their taps ‘running with oil’ during deadly six-day blackout

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Furious locals shared images online of the polluted water flowing out of household taps in San Diego, Venezuela

VENEZUELANS awoke to find their tap water running black today during a lethal week-long power outage.

Horrified residents in San Diego, Carabobo state, posted images of the dark water on social media complaining their supply had been contaminated with oil.

The city has been struggling with problems with its water for months, which has intensified recently after a six-day blackout left some areas completely without any water all, according to reports.

But when it came back on Wednesday, some people couldn’t drink what was flowing from the taps.

Local journalist Heberlizeth González said: “The situation for lack of water in San Diego is terrible.

“There are sectors that have been for more than two months without the service, like other areas of Valencia and Los Coolos.

“This morning the water that arrived in San Diego was awful. Nothing suitable for consumption.”


Venezuela has the largest reserves of crude oil in the world, but President Nicolas Maduro has been accused of mismanaging the supply, leaving citizens impoverished.

Stories about the black water started appearing just one day after the country’s chief prosecutor launched a probe into opposition leader Juan Guadio over the blackout.

Tarek William Saab announced the investigation on Tuesday, pointing the finger at Guaido for the failure which has led to violence and looting.

The power grid of Venezuela broke down on Thursday evening plunging most of the nation into darkness and causing widespread restrictions on phone and internet services.


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