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TOP Leader Geoff Simmons on why we need to listen to the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment

The Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment Simon Upton released a ground-breaking, important but ear-bleedingly complicated report on greenhouse gas emissions this week. The responses to his paradigm shifting ideas were disappointing. Greenpeace happily cemented their brand as Farmer Enemy #1 by claiming that Commissioner Upton had been influenced by Big Ag. The[Read More…]

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It is time to fix the broken nitrogen cycle says UN Environment Frontiers Report

On the 4th of March 2019, UN Environment launched its latest Frontiers report, which explores five of the most significant emerging issues on the environment. The topics identified in the report are: synthetic biology, ecosystem connectivity, thawing permafrost peatlands, nitrogen pollution, and maladaptation to climate change. Nitrogen is one of the most important[Read More…]

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