Significant Milestone In Whooping Crane Recovery

This week marks a significant milestone in the conservation and recovery of the endangered whooping crane. On March 11 and 13, the U.S. Geological Survey’s Patuxent Wildlife Research Center transferred its last two cranes of the approximately 75 that were in its flock to other institutions, closing out more than[Read More…]

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TAPSOLUTE DISASTER Venezuela’s water turns BLACK with horrified residents waking up to find their taps ‘running with oil’ during deadly six-day blackout

Furious locals shared images online of the polluted water flowing out of household taps in San Diego, Venezuela VENEZUELANS awoke to find their tap water running black today during a lethal week-long power outage. Horrified residents in San Diego, Carabobo state, posted images of the dark water on social media[Read More…]

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