TOP Leader Geoff Simmons on why we need to listen to the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment

The Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment Simon Upton released a ground-breaking, important but ear-bleedingly complicated report on greenhouse gas emissions this week. The responses to his paradigm shifting ideas were disappointing. Greenpeace happily cemented their brand as Farmer Enemy #1 by claiming that Commissioner Upton had been influenced by Big Ag. The[Read More…]

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New £165m coal mine in Cumbria ‘unanimously approved’ by councillors despite escalating climate change crisis

A new £165m coal mine has been unanimously approved by councillors in Cumbria, sparking protests by environmental campaigners.  Cumbria County Council did not answer calls for comment, but multiple people in attendance reported its development committee approved the plan on Tuesday afternoon. West Cumbria Mining, which filed the application, wants to extract coking coal along the[Read More…]

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Iraq: where water used to flow

The Mesopotamian marshlands in southern Iraq were once the largest wetland ecosystem in Western Eurasia. But after years of drought and political turmoil, they’re in danger of disappearing. A parched land The Mesopotamian Marshes of southern Iraq are a rare area of wetland in a sea of desert, and are[Read More…]

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