Girl with cancer fulfils wish to become a police officer
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Girl with cancer fulfils wish to become a police officer

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Abigail Arias wants to fight bad guys.

“I have cancer. The bad guys are in my lungs,” the six-year-old from Texas told ABC News.

Abigail has Wilms Tumours, a form of cancer that starts in the kidneys. Her family were recently told her cancer is terminal.

In December, she met Freeport Police Chief Ray Garivey, and the pair struck up an instant friendship.

Abigail confided in Mr Garivey that she has always wanted to be a police officer. This week Abigail’s dream came true.

Wearing a specially made uniform, and standing on a stepladder, she was sworn in as an honorary officer of the Freeport Police Department.

Fighting back tears, Mr Garivey swore Abigail into the force with a pledge to “keep fighting the bad guys”.

The ceremony was attended by Abigail’s family and fellow officers from across Texas.

“Her spirit, her toughness, her will to survive, that’s what [we believe in],” Mr Garivey said.

“Her terrific smile and will to keep fighting ‘the bad guys’ inside of her – I wanted to make her dream come true,” Mr Garivey told CNN. “You have to meet her to really understand what a great and inspiring young lady she is.”

In a post on Facebook, the police department thanked “all the businesses, citizens, community leaders and first responders who were present who took part in making Abigail’s dream come true.”


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